All Portugal online for GOW17!

For the third time, Programa Escolhas (Choices Programme, PE) will lead the Get Online Week in Portugal as a National Partner.

Programa Escolhas (PE) will implement activities during the GOW 2017 related to the two topics mostly important to their target audiences: Cybersecurity and Employment and Entrepreneurship. GOW17 activities will be promoted and implemented with the help of their project parners – currently PE involves 90 Digital Inclusion Centers through Portugal and in the autonomous regions.


  • PE plans to organize a workshop about Cyberbullying;
  • PE will remind their participants and teachers about the use of “The Web We Want” manuals (Insafe).

Employement and Entrepreneurship

  • As part of eSkills for Jobs, PE will release a brochure in Portuguese on Fit4Jobs explaining how Fit4Jobs increases levels of literacy and digital skills of the participants, in view of its (re) qualified entry into the labor market, stating the employment opportunities generated by digital technologies.
  • The partners will use the eSkills assessment tool, Skillage, as a way to diagnose and encourage participants to take further ICT trainings and certifications (example: the course “Entrepreneurship” provided by CISCO).
  • PE will introduce to participants the employability networking tool YouRock helping them to create their online CVs and portfolios.
  • Participants will be invited to try the “Digital Atelier” by Google Portugal. In this free course, participants can acquire the digital skills necessary to grow their career or business.

Programa Escolhas will engage 700 people in the GOW17 campaign in Portugal.


Contact: Margarida Videira, Social Inclusion Coordinator for Choices Programme